incrowd steals the show at the Get In The Ring finals

Selected out of over than 200 participating startups we were proud incrowd was one of the eight finalists of Get in the Ring 2012. We were invited to pitch to four ‘Champions’ ready to invest €1.000.000. After four rounds of startups facing off to do battle in the ring we weren’t selected as the overall winner but it was safe to say we did steal the show.

Playing into the wedding scene which we will launch soon we staged an elaborate wedding with our CEO Vincent Everts and ‘bride for the occasion’ Anne Marie Hazenberg of NewMediaBrains. Since the Get In The Ring finals were held in the Laurents church in Rotterdam this was a perfect scene for a wedding. The entrance accompanied by the wedding march couldn’t be more dramatic.

Although the ‘Champions’ didn’t pick us as overall winner we did get valuable and often very positive feedback during the battle and afterwards. Leading to one of the Champions Frank Peters writing on his blog:

In my mind, he’s the winner of the contest this week. He was the only one to follow up with this Champion after the spotlights went dark. He conceded a game of chess to me, too; a draw after chasing me all over the board. Another winning tactic: Lose to any potential investor.

It was a great experience for our team to be part of such a global event as Get In The Ring and we are proud to be crowned as one of the finalists!

Posted on January 10, 2013 in incrowd

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