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Why Innovader chose UtrechtInc as HQ

The team of Innovader is situated at the incubator UtrechtInc. UtrechtInc strives to inspire and encourage entrepreneurs with guts to transform their dream into a successful business. We felt this was a perfect match for us. Vincent Everts (CEO Innovader) was interviewed about incrowd and our choice to locate in and incubator environment.

incrowd steals the show at the Get In The Ring finals

Selected out of over than 200 participating startups we were proud incrowd was one of the eight finalists of Get in the Ring 2012. We were invited to pitch to four ‘Champions’ ready to invest €1.000.000. After four rounds of startups facing off to do battle in the ring we weren’t selected as the overall…

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Innovader presents: incrowd

Memories are one of the most valuable things we have, photos and videos encapsulate those memories. Ask anyone what they would save from a burning house; besides family members and pets it’s usually photos and videos. Visit any wedding, birthday, concert, festival or corporate event and you will see many different smart devices recording every…

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T-mobile #fail infographic

Klagen op Twitter is hot maar vooral ook effectief. Zeker als een bedrijf een goed webcare team heeft op Twitter kan je tegenwoordig beter klagen of vragen stellen op Twitter dan dat je de klantenservice gaat bellen. Maar wat gebeurd er op Twitter en met een webcare team tijdens een landelijke netwerkstoring zoals T-mobile maandag…

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Innovader founded!

We are proud to announce the launch of Innovader. Innovader consists of seasoned internet entrepreneurs and industry experts. We use our combined knowledge and experience to consult and lead high-profile projects for companies and organizations. Our focus is on helping organizations reach the next step in web, mobile, and video. With a combined internet experience…

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Innovader launches Corporate Porting

Innovader announces the launch of Corporate Porting. Corporate Porting delivers a full proof solution for large organizations to switch thousands of mobile users from one mobile provider to the next. Corporate Porting provides a fast, accurate and cost effective solution moving large groups of mobile users from one provider to the other. Our SMS and…

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